What is GoMax PLUS?

Our new services are a perfect solution for Mortgage Brokers who prefer to focus on their core business of landing and closing mortgage deals and not in the day-to-day requirements of updating CRM contact data, website content, or other customer relationship tasks.

The GoMax PLUS services are available as a point-based system. Our GoMax PLUS Points will be available in packages (as seen below) and all services offered by GoMax PLUS can be purchased with a set amount of GoMax PLUS Points. With this system you can load your account up with points and choose to use them only on the services you want when you want them. Instead of paying for a subscription of services you don't use, you get to pay for the exact services you want.


Our GoMax PLUS marketing services are exactly what you need to update your CRM to keep your clients up-to-date with new information and creating automated campaigns to keep them informed. These services can give your templates, email signatures, action plans, events, and monthly news and rate advisor letters a new look and feel without you having to do any of the work! Setting up a new marketing campaign could increase sales by up to 20 percent after using automated campaigns to nurture leads. Businesses that pursue their leads through automated campaigns experience a 45 percent increase in lead generation ROI (Return on Investment) compared to businesses that don’t.

inTouch Management

10 Points
Create or configure any InTouch system, including: Creating projects to be sent out to selective groups of clients; Events to remind you of important dates, or send emails to your clients automatically. *Template design not included with this service.

Report Creation

10 Points
Creation and execution of a report on your system that is specific to your needs. Reports can include: contact data, application information, as well as the contact's Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation settings from your database.

Action Plan Management

20 Points / 15 activities
Create an action plan for you from scratch or update any old action plans in your CRM. This can include updating templates used, and modifying action plan activities to meet your specifications. *Template design and creation not included.

Custom Templates

60 Points
Choose between creating 1 new custom template with content or updating 15 of your old templates with a new look to build your brand. this includes a new header and footer, as well as reformatting the template for multiple screen sizes.

NRA Management

80 Points
Updates to your monthly News and Rate Advisor (NRA). This service includes creating content and formatting the NRA to send out the information you want. Ensure you get up-to-date information to your client database every month.

Custom Email Signatures

100 Points
Create a custom professional signature for you to use. This signature can be made following any corporate specifications. Email our support staff to see a few examples that we've created for other brokers.

CRM Maintenance & Usage

Feel like your CRM hasn’t been updated recently? Let us go through your system and make any required changes to your CRM to set you up with all the features GoMax has to offer. This can include: setting up approved tag senders, and assistants; performing data imports from external systems, including Filogix; and getting one-on-one time with our trained support staff. Purchasing the CRM Maintenance services is a great way to save time and money for your business. The average return on investment for any CRM system is about $8.71 for every dollar spent, and 47% of polled CRM users said that their CRM had a significant impact on customer retention. Be sure to take full advantage of our CRM maintenance services to ensure your getting the best ROI from your CRM.

Data Import

20 Points / Import
Perform a data import for you from an external .csv file or from Filogix. The imported file will be imported into its own contact category and details about how duplicate information will be handled can be discussed before purchase of service.This service can be offered as a one-time import, or as one month of weekly imports from Filogix.

Profile Updates

30 Points
Change any configuration settings in your CRM, including: assistant and approved tag sender initialization; broker information changes; and SMS set-up. *Purchase not required for parent corporation / franchise changes.

Opportunity Management

30 Points / 1000 Subscribes
Don't let those opportunities go to waste! Let us bring your database up to speed by cleaning up your opportunities by subscribing all your clients to any or all of the action plans and events that have been configured in your system. 

One-On-One Training   (Popular choice!)

60 Points
Get one-on-one time with our dedicated support staff! Go through the entire CRM and get answers to any questions you might have. It never hurts to have an expert show you the capabilities of our GoMax!

Web Services & Social Media

With our content services we can host your website, create a new website, and track your online content! We can also provide additional domain names with custom lead capture landing pages and monitor your online presence using web analytic tools; generate detailed reports on your web presence; or update your site to improve your Search Engine Optimization to make your site appear higher in online searches. Don't miss out on your opportunity to grow your business! The number of social media users increased by 121 million between April and July of 2017, that works out to be a new social media user every 15 seconds! 38% of organizations intend to spend over 20% of their total advertising budgets on social media channels. Our GoMax PLUS web services are exactly what you need to stay on top of your online presence.

Additional Domains

60 Points / Year
Purchase an additional domain name for your web hosting package. This service also comes with a custom landing page for the new domain to help improve Search Engine Optimization. *Certain domains subject to premium rate.

SSL Certificates

60 Points / Year
Ensure the security of your data and websites and prevent de-listing with additional Secure Socket Layer Certificates. Our additional SSL services ensure you have added security protection for your websites to protect your sensitive information from being tampered with.

Web Analytics Report

120 Points
Using online analytic and tracking tools, we can create a report on your current online presence. This package will include a website audit to see what SEO options you currently have, as well as review your site traffic and outline your top demographics.

Website SEO

150 Points
Search Engine Optimization increases the odds that your site appears higher in online searches. We can audit your website and provide solutions to increase your SEO and land your site higher on online search results.

Content Updates

150 Points
We will create and post content to your website for you. This can be split up as either four small blog posts (one for each week of a month), or one full page article. This service can help you maintain your website with fresh content without having to lift a finger.

Custom Websites

300 Points
Take your GoMax website to the next level and have us customize the website to fit your personal needs. Break free from the templates and have a completely customized site built for you! *Option only available if website hosted by GoMax.

What does 120 Points look like?

We allow you to spend your points on the services you want, this way you don't end up wasting money on services you don't use! You can choose to mix and match the services you want, here are a few different ideas of how you can spend your points.

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