Harnessing the power of Tasks!

As the leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software provider for mortgage brokers in Canada, GoMax Solutions clearly knows the importance of Task organization, execution and completion.

Organize your tasks into Groups and Categories

Track tasks from start to completion

Unlimited tasks & unlimited comments per task

See what's overdue, due next, and upcoming

Staying on top of your Tasks couldn't be easier!

A challenge everyone has is simply remembering to do something. Yes, the old fashioned Post-It note might work, or possibly a pad of paper with a bunch of notes on it, or maybe you are still using one of those old Day Planner books in an effort to stay organized.

Never forget to get something done.

GoMax has a better idea! GTD Tasking or Getting-Things-Done Tasking is the most efficient method of organizing your to-do tasks, reminders, events, and more. At a glance you can quickly see items that are past due, due today, and upcoming through a variety of sorting filters. Your task lists can be grouped into categories, split into personal or work lists, and assigned priorities for importance!

Tasking the Smart Way!

GoMax Solutions has carefully designed and engineered one of the most powerful tasking systems built specifically for mortgage professionals such as yourself.

Event Calendars

If a Calendar is your preferred method to keep track of Tasks, GoMax has that covered too! With a powerful Calendar system that includes recurring events and reminder notifications - you will be sure to never miss an important date.